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Surfing through digital waves, flexed up in 3D holograms, kicking it with cyber groupies in a cyber world, these are activities one does in the world of Braxton Knight. You remember Braxton Knight don’t you? Digital Dreams? Lone Tokyo? Neon Lights? Vicious with Trey Skies? Braxton Knight hasn’t been out of the world for too long. For 2 years now Braxton Knight has been hard at work, creating a wave and surfing like he’s on vacation with the rest of his team from Hidden Jewels. Not often does Braxton come out of the shadows unless to give material to his fans, so it was a rare occasion getting to sit down with him and get to know who he is and what it’s like in his digital utopia. Throughout this interview will be some of Braxton’s music that you can listen to and get a feel of while you read.

Who are you?

Braxton: Braxton Knight the “Unknown Loner Artist”

Where are you from?

Braxton: The Trenches of Detroit, Michigan

How old are you?

Braxton Knight

Braxton: 3500

What is it that you do?

Braxton: I just deadass create shit. Music, Designs, Film, Photography, Aesthetics, you name I do it. DIY for life.

Which art form do you like the most?

Braxton: Film Is my favorite form of art. I’m a very visual person I would keep my sight over hearing any day.

How long have you been working with visual art?

Braxton: I’ve been working with visual media for about 8 years now started of doing edits and videos on youtube under a disclosed alias you may have seen a video I edited awhile back they used to do numbers haha

What was that like starting off for you? Did it have an effect on you now?

Braxton: It was very stressful at first really it took a lot of time and patience to acquire a decent level of skill but it all worked out in the end because now I can use all that skill to promote my music and others artists sounds too currently.

Can you explain your passion for visual a bit more? How did you first come to making visual art

Braxton: Deadass I used to watch Soulja Boy’s Youtube channel when he first started rapping he was the first niggas on youtube to have hd videos so thats I got into digital DSLR shooting and editing. Then I always had a passion of watching music videos and trying to figure out how they were being shot. Plus I used to do a lot of dance video edits back in them “Jerkin'” days hahaha. S/O to Ayo And Teo.

Do you do all of the visual work for your music?

Braxton: Yessir! All made by me and I will make my own music videos in the future too!

How did you making music come into the picture?

Braxton: Listening to artist like Odd Future, Raider Klan, Pro Era, Sad Boys, ASAP when they were all upcoming really open my eyes that you can use music to express yourself anyway and be yourself rather than that lame traditional way niggas used to do it.

How long ago did you start rapping?

Braxton: It’s about to be 2 years since I officially started rapping.

What was it like for you when you first started rapping?

Braxton: I just saw it as a hobby and an outlet to vent out my deepest darkest thoughts that would honestly get no plays.

How would you describe your sound in a few words if you could?

Braxton: Versatile ARTESIAN Tides.

Have you seen your progress throughout your time rapping?

Braxton: Yeah I have seen progress I still deadass remember when I was struggling to get 500 plays and my mixing has gotten way better too hahaha.

What is that like for you seeing your growth?

Braxton: Its crazy seeing how I progressed in 2 years especially doing this all by myself makes me wonder how far i can grow if I keep pushing!

*Music by Braxton Knight*

Your most recent project was Lone Tokyo, what’s the story behind that?

Braxton: Basically I made a project that takes you through the darker side of my mind. Imagine going to your perfect paradise and you getting there just to find no one there just you and your lonely. Basically a reflection of how I feel internally way outta of my element on day to day basis wanting to escape.

Do you feel your music “touches” people in certain ways?

Braxton: honestly I really dont know I just speak from my personal experiences so it might be hard to relate

You don’t think some people use your music as a sense of escape similar to how you use it?

Braxton: Hmmm I would hope that they do because thats my goal to reach out to the kids like me and let em know its others out there.

*More Music*

Recently you dropped 2 new singles “WarpStar” & “Ape Escape” both with some reference to video games. How did you come up with the idea for these songs?

Braxton: Breh I just been playing retro games again recently you know tryna get to E3 and shit.

Should we expect to see these styles again some time soon?

Braxton: You never know man I’m always trying something but Trap Brax is always a fun vibe to do.

Are you apart of a larger team? Or is everything solo dolo as of right now?

Braxton: I am apart of Hidden Jewels an online collective of artists. Other than that its just me.

For those who don’t know, what is Hidden Jewels?

Braxton: Hidden Jewels is a rare collective of artists that all make versatile and unique music.

How did you all come together?

Braxton: Trey Skies hit us up and just made the collective.

Is there anything we should be expecting from you all sometime soon?

Braxton: Hidden Jewels Tape 2k17?!

What about yourself? Is there any solo material we should be seeing soon?

Braxton: Always man! Got a new project in the works for the new year!

Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Braxton: Stay Movin’ Cuz We On Deck Now.

Below you can stream two of Braxton Knights most recent playlists Digital Dreams and Lone Tokyo. For more news, visuals, and music from Braxton Knight you can follow him on Twitter & Soundcloud. We hope you enjoyed this interview!