Sometimes the “Freestyle” rap you listen to isn’t really a freestyle. Your favorite rappers have probably written many freestyles and played them off as a one take recording sessions or verses they’s written in their head to rap over specific type of beats. No one freestyles with  their mistakes or mess ups anymore, but we at Senclaire found someone who takes pride in his freestyling and mistakes. From Chicago, we at Senclaire bring you Boss Baby, the freestyling University of Kentucky student who recently released his debut EP titled “TLOB” or “The Life of Bossy”. We got the chance to interview the Chicago native and got to know him personally and see what makes him who he is.

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So who are you?

Boss Baby himself

Bossy baby man that’s my name

Where are you from?

I’m from the go that’s Chicago I’m from the south side that shit
dangerous as hell
As dangerous as the news and internet makes it out to be?
I mean it depends on what you getting yourself into really, If you
onna block then it’s dangerous but it’s never sweet bystanders get
caught too

How long have you been rapping?

Shit for two years I been free styling and recording and whenever it
come out right I post it, Mistakes and all I take pride in free
styling bro fr

Do you have any inspirations? As far as writing or freestyling?

Man I mean I appreciate the art of free styling so bold face type rap.
I like the way carti raps he doesn’t necessarily say shit important he
just talks his shit with mad flows

Is freestyling every track as hard as they say it is or is it easy for you now?

It depends I like to be high or drunk when I’m rapping just because my
mind flows a bit more. It helps be think less about what I’m saying
and that helps me open up more. Free styling comes easy I do it

What’s Chicago’s underground music scene like?

It’s real druggy type shit right now. Back when I was in high school
it was more so drill music. Drill music still big though in Chicago.

Was it hard for you to come up while you were living there?

Coming up wasn’t really a problem, Chicago as a whole understands the
struggle of trynna come up. So when mfs hit me up like share this link
bro I share that shit because you never know how that can help
someone. I’ve seen with my own eyes how just a few posts at the right
time can make people famous as fuck.

For those who don’t know what is Bossy Records?

Bossy records makes hits
We don’t give a shit
We will fuck yo bitch

Who’s on the roster?

Bossbaby Ocho Billion JuicyKel Lilfolly Badguy Nina Roo Lonny GDavo LilTahj DoloFreaky LilSaw BDrell

How long have y’all been together as a team?

About two years. After I dropped my first tape some people wanted to
work and we’ve been friends ever since. I created an imaginary record
label and kept “signing” people. We also threw huge parties.

Is every member an artist?

Every member is an artist in their own right. Rappers, stylists,
designers, painters. We do it all bro.
Should we be expecting a label wide collab or something smaller?
It’s hard to work with them since I’m in Kentucky but shit if
promotion works well you never know what I could cook up!

You just dropped The Life of Bossy, would you consider this your debut EP?

Yeah damn near. I’ve dropped tapes before but this tape actually has
some quality songs in my opinion. And lots of people have told me this
is my best one so shit if it gets out it’ll be my debut

What’s your favorite tape you’ve dropped so far?

Tlob by far. But my personal fav song is on I💘Bossy, It’s called
bossy fucked yo bitch

Do you have anything coming out soon solo the fans should know about?

I want to find a radio show to freestyle on. Some shit like sway in
the morning you feel me. But I have a few shows coming up. A show on
May 23rd and a big ass charity concert in September.

Is there anything you wanna say to the fans who’ll read this?

Support me man just help me out. I’ll remember each person who goes
out of their way to help me and I’ll help you too. We all eating. I
don’t wanna be one of those lame ass rappers forcing mfs to share a
tape, but just help. A share won’t hurt nobody.

You can follow Boss Baby on Soundcloud and Twitter

Boss Baby’s latest EP “TLOB”