“The video is about repetition and wanting to warn yourself about the future…”

Welcome back! Today we take a different turn with this new video from Kentucky artist Blood Handsome. From his debut album “Is Down” Blood Handsome has given us a short, surreal film for his song “Gone Cold.” With an extravagant, eerie feel that pulls the visitor into the world of the characters, Blood Handsome creates a supernatural portal for his story to reach the real world and for those in the real world to reach his story.

“I’m excited to release this because it really reminds me of a short film almost. The cinematography and the narrative behind the story match so well with the song, so it’s amazing to see it pair so nicely with what Josh & Phillip created.” – Blood Handsome

With video direction from Philip LaVelle & Josh Jacob, Blood Handsome opens a door into his musical and spiritual world of “Is Down.” For more music and visuals from Blood Handsome you can follow him on his Twitter and Soundcloud page. You can also stream his debut album “Is Down” here! We hope you enjoy!!