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Like I’ve said before, Virginia rap is very slept on. So it only makes sense that we introduce you to all the talent we see come out of there. Meet Bape Kojack, the young anime influenced Virginian who’s not playing games anymore, and what’s everyone to realize. Recently he released his debut EP “CloutPlaza“, and his recent track “Orlando Brown” has shown his progression so far. We got the chance to talk to Kojack and see who he is and what his music means to him from his perspective.

Who are you?

I go by the name Bape Kojak which combines my middle name Kojo and my favorite brand Bape that’s for the youth belonging to a group known as Pharoh gang. I’m An ugly nigga that makes very beautiful music overall.

Where are you from?

I’m from Virginia this place has no doors open for creatives but holds much talent

What is it that you do?

I rap on beats expanding my reach and getting better with each take like a spartan training with its spear until i make a breakthrough when I’m in the studio. I’m just trying to make good fucking songs that’s good enough to make the world mine

How long have you been rapping?

Bape Kojack

Bape Kojack

I’ve been rapping ever since my dirtbag days in middle school being a jit building the vision

What inspired you to start rapping?

I was heavy influenced by cash money records , juvenile , Tupac , Biggie and naughty by nature

Did you ever think you’d be taking rap as serious as you are now?

There was so many times when I thought to myself that I was ass but over the summer I took time off to get my head on a swivel and watched a shitload of anime and then started to soak in knowledge it’s like I started to unlock hidden potential on some Gohan shit when I seen that my niggas needed a newer life I had to get back up and keep at it. So I just recently got serious.

Is rap a full time job for you?

Right now it is. Every weekend I sharpen my blade which symbolizes my craft with something new but still create time to fuck with regular chill shit. Everybody wants a cosign with this music shit or fake love to get on but me I’m just solely dropping songs for what it is making my ideas come to life hoping someone hears it , trying not to be broke so these hoes can fuck with me and everybody that thought I was a goofy see that there’s more to me. I want everything to be genuine as possible not forced my nigga.

Is Bape the lifestyle?

Lmaooo many niggas forget Bape is for kids and I’m all for giving the young guns that really want to create a chance so yeah in a way. I studied Pharrell & Ye when they had it in 2008.

You’re very influenced by anime we see it in your image, do you have any favorite anime that mostly inspires your rap?

Dragon ball z, Naruto, One piece, Bleach, & Hunter x Hunter, Pokemon, are all Animes Ima put on my tombstone since they influenced some of my work. I’m a fucking nerd lol.

What’s the underground VA music scene for you like?

It’s like a wasteland honestly , artist around here push their work out to DC , New York & LA because we can’t build if there’s only 1 show a year. There’s also this group of Va artist known as tribe 95 and the upcoming group known as InternetMoney in the works that has plenty of wavy shit on the come up to bring light to the Va underground scene ready to purify this wasteland on some good karma fallout 4 shit. I also take a liking to divine council and goth money both as some of my greatest influences currently because the free spirit nature & don’t give a fuck style in their music really for the culture and that’s what I inspire to be in way. Nothing but real nigga attributes.

For those who don’t know what is Pharoh Gang?

Pharoh gang is a collective group of creative talented young men that make music that are going to fuck a lot of hot girls and continue the finesse for however long we can. I’m 1/4 of the rapping aspect of the group which includes me, cam prime, Dex the kid, and King David we each possess our own entity & skills.

How long have y’all been working together?

We’ve been building for 5 years now

Should we be expecting a team collaboration some time in the future?

We plan on releasing a collective tape soon but it’s still under works right now we’ve been soaking in knowledge & have ideas pure with ingenuity that I can’t wait to share we are in blue print mode.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

I plan on releasing more songs with a new EP & expanding helping alot of members apart of my music group & the street crew aspect of Pharoh gang which is the artists Kyle al , Sakyi, , the filmer Josh Reina, Jalen Maiden, the photographer Kojo Jones and modeling for my creative director Jake tweedie’s new clothing brand coming to the streets real soon

Anything you want to say to the fans who’ll read this?

I just want to say those that believe in me make me stronger and that I greatly appreciate whoever takes the time to listen . Thank you for your precious time 🌐🐒

You can follow Kojack on Soundcloud & Twitter and keep up with the young man as he works his magic on his journey to success!

*Kojack’s most recent EP CloutPlaza*