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If you’re looking for some fresh gear for this upcoming season,this young and competent creator got the perfect looks for you. Starting off as a local brand from Miami, BFTD has scattered to many different areas;getting recognized  by skaters, rappers, etc. Back From the Dead is giving the underground culture something to talk about.With its straight forward yet ingenious creatives, these looks can be pulled off by just about anyone. Giving street wear a total new perspective, “BangFours” plans to make a statement. 

Who are you and where are you from?headass

Shit I go by my government, moe, dead moses, bangfours, b4, 24k or “yo”. Don’t really
matter what you call me.

I’m from jersey, grew up in Miami Beach.

How did you come up with “BFTD” and who’s involved?

Was talking shit on twitter with my bro jr and someone mentioned the saying “back from the dead” I fucked with how that sounded and from there on I started making clothes under that name.

My crew is jeev, jr, jay, rez,hx2, and my homie ken.

How would you describe this brand ? 

A skate, Graff, and street type of brand, you feel me?

Do you think you have something that no one else got out there?

Yeah no doubt, all I see now a days are brands that jack the thrasher font or those corny ass kids who stitch a depressed ass quotes onto a shirt or a “dad cap”.

What type of music have you been listening to recently that has been inspiring you to produce clothes?
Recently I been listening to a lot modern day hip hop. There’s some fool from the west coast that goes by the name of natia the god, he’s nasty with it. Another artist I’ve been bumping to everyday type shit is more alternative rap then anything and that would be my lil homie rajeev. And it’s not just cause he’s my boy and part of this shit with me. I genuinely fuck with his music on some real shit. And the fact that he’s young and putting shit out left and right is crazy.

How do you think you can incorporate your brand with the new and upcoming music industry, since many brands are now correlated with artists? 

I’m not aiming to be that brand that’s always at concerts and setting up tables at shows, nah I’m not on that. If a rapper wants model or wear my shit during his set, by all means, ya dig? I’m just trynna focus on what Igotta do get out there and have my brand moving. Don’t wanna get involved with the corny rap game drama, where I didn’t give him a shirt to rock during his set or send the other fool free shit, nah. I’mnot with alladat.
Do you believe this is is something for the newer generation, will it be adaptable fashion in the future?

I hate the word fashion…. to be honest, the shit I produce is for me and my boys to rock, But it just so happens that a lot of people are interested in it. So I guess it’ll be for the newer generation. Not sure if my clothes will be adaptable for the future “fashion”.

Who has inspired you in the past few years?

There’s a lot of people, reefa, my boy e, my brother, my homies, and most importantly, my self. May sound dumb corny but I’m keeping it a buck with you.img_3342

If you can collaborate with someone, who would it be?

Shit this is a hard ass question. Retchy p for sure. If it’s not a collab on clothes then maybe he gets down on a look book or some shit. I can only dream.

How did you get to this point, making your own brand? 

Shit I been through so many phases. When I moved to Miami. Living in such a boring area to moving to one of the busiest places in the US was life changing. When I moved to Miami I got into the scenery which lead me to photography. Started fucking around in photoshop editing my pics and that got me into graphic designing. Couple years pass by I got into skating. Another year or so passed and my brothers friend reefa (also a big influence on me) got capped by a cop (rip) which lead me to getting into graffiti more then I already was. And shit now we’re here, I graduated high school, and I ain’t got shit to worry about. Now I got money so I decided to start putting my designs to use.

What cities do you plan on expanding your brand and why?

Shit idk, bftd started in Miami so it has its little buzz in the beach area. I got some homies up here in Reading that go by SPURT MOB and homies in New York that are gunna be getting down on future looks that are putting my brand on game so I guess imma have to say the west coast for sure. They got some smoov ass skaters out there. Shout out blackmayo, don’t know the guy personally but he’s nasty with it.

What audience or crowd are you reaching for?

I see cats who are into skating and streetwear cop my shit, that’s cool. They kinda like me in a sense. I think thats whassup.img_2133

What plans you got next?

I wanna do a pop up, in 2017 tho. Wanna get more of a following and have my first pop up in Miami.

What do you have in store, for upcoming looks?

I just dropped my f/w part 1 looks yesterday (10/18/16). Probably dropping shit from here until December where I’m gunna release my part 2 of the f/w pieces. Um 2017 imma try do a lot of shit from sports collection, to longsleeves polo’s, duffle bags etc. shit idk if I think something looks smoov, ima produce it.

hop on that link and get to it.