Baby Blux and Reem Unknown provide a late night, short and sweet project that doubles down on the cool, darkness, and ambiance of a midnight drive to clear your head. Stream “Unavailable” on Soundcloud below!

Baby Blux and Reem Unknown

“Unavailable” an album by Baby Blux and Reem Unknown

Written by C. Branche and A. Davis
Executive Produced by A. Davis
Art Direction and Photgraphy by A. Davis
Additional Creative Direction by D. Milan, A. Yuchengco, & J. Kanhai

Additional Vocals from V. De Guzman
Additional Production from A. Yuchengco and D. O’Leary
Engineered, Mixed/Mastered by LOFT

Recorded at Loft Studio in Pikesville, Maryland

2017 Arvada Creatives & Co./Project Hoshi Collective

Listen to the music of Reem and Blux on their respective Soundclouds! and keep up with their tweets on Reem Twitter  and Blux Twitter