Let’s face it – the majority of us love getting head but some feel like they shouldn’t have to give it. I mean I get it, but I don’t.

Ladies, we are human and it’s understandable that sometimes we’re not in the mood – but imagine having a man feeling as if he shouldn’t eat you when you want? Be fair! If he’s more than willing to give you head whether you suck him or not, then you have a winner. He deserves it.

Now guys, y’all need some addressing too because a lot of you feel as if yall shouldn’t have to give head until you and your girl are exclusive, or feel as if you shouldn’t have to do it at all – but have the nerve to want head on demand.  With that attitude, you probably won’t be getting shit. Point blank, period.

I’m more of a giver so I actually prefer to give head instead of giving it. That’s just my thing. But from experience, starting off with a sloppy 69 will make the sex 50% better.

If you’re dealing with somebody that’s uncomfortable with giving you head, do not immediately take it personally. Also, do not, do not, DO NOT withhold from giving them head because they’re uncomfortable doing it. This kind of contradicts what I said earlier, but hear me out. If giving head is your thing – do your thing whether they wanna do it or not. Don’t be petty. Unless they outright have the “I’m not giving you head but you gotta give me head” attitude, just go for it. If you feel like you wanna swallow them whole/ eat them alive, just do it. 9/10 times you’ll be fucking them again (if it’s your first time) or they’ll start giving you head if y’all are working towards a serious relationship. Just make sure it’s good because bad head will open the door for other problems. If you’re on the receiving end and it’s bad – open your mouth (no pun intended) and say it. Communicating during sex is underrated and can eliminate a lot of bullshit. Be grown.

Good communication is essential because it boosts confidence if done correctly. Everyone wants a confident partner so if you like what s/he is doing, speak up because confidence also equals comfort. The two go hand in hand. If they’re not confident, they won’t be comfortable, and if they’re not comfortable they won’t be confident. To become both confident and comfortable you need to be prepared. Both the giver and receiver need to exercise preparedness. As the potential receiver, you first need to wash your ass. Guys that means trim and scrub your balls if you’re even thinking about getting those sucked and simply shower so that your dick is not musty. Ladies, no crazy smells. No pussy smells like roses, but make sure you get right before you demand ANYTHING!! Carry baby wipes if you want to get rid of that hint of sweat.

Secondly, as the receiver get ready for some bad head. And when I say that, I mean be ready to communicate if you have to.

As the giver, you need to be prepared for smells. Be prepared to have to think on your toes. Don’t wait until their fucking underwear is around their ankles, either. For example if y’all were out dancing, clubbing or whatever – shit even out to eat and you don’t wanna smell anything you could say, “Babe let’s do something sexy…let’s go to my place and shower/ take a bath together.” Most likely they will happily oblige and you won’t have to think about it. Plus the nakedness will more often than not lead to sex. Lmao.

Another way to be prepared as the giver is learning how to read body language. I’m not saying become an overall expert but if you like to give head like me – you start paying attention to a person’s body when you’re giving it to them. It’s pretty easy…if they’re silent and stiff, change what you’re doing. Silence isn’t always bad though. Sometimes it means his or her mouth is open in awe of what you’re doing. If you’re giving head to a girl and she’s trying to ride your tongue, you probably need to pay more attention to her clit. On the other hand, she may just be having a good time.

Also, if the guy you’re giving head to is grabbing hold of your head it’s either because he’s trying to get you to deep throat or he’s enjoying himself a little TOO much. LOL. But don’t catch an attitude, let him live.

To fully enjoy both giving and receiving never just jump right into it. If that’s what your partner prefers then do that sometimes, but other times work up to it. I don’t consider head foreplay. Kissing, touching and licking is what I mean – but don’t take a whole lot of time doing it. Good sex is strategic. I feel like you should always lick and suck from the neck down, just don’t be corny about it. Be creative. Throw in some handcuffs or whipped cream or both. Try to make it fun and memorable.

Remember head is always part of good ass sex, so if you’re not doing it, step your shit up and grow up. It’ll make fucking your partner way more enjoyable.