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What form of self expression conquers fashion? You may have a hard time finding better way to say, “Fuck the police.” Because wearing it on a shirt is about a straight forward & in-your-face as it gets, you can’t beat that. We send all types of signals to onlookers by what we wear, something can be said about a person sporting a “Fuck 12” tee… it can be left for each individual to discern on their own, but here’s my hint—they don’t really fuck with the police. I mean, at this point, little has to be said about the two sided debate on the very recent police brutality cases and the state of police vs. civilians period. Without stepping on any opinions, I can state that there is an issue & the fact that designer Micah Pickett’s (@samowest) “Fuck 12” tee has come to be—only shows that the issue is still among us.

I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve seen the notion executed with as much consistency, the graphic is all too accurate. Before the interview, I thought the shirt was an interesting take on resistance & expression. After the interview, I understood that the design was created from a much more personal element & I think the masses will be able to relate. The interview is concise, but what matters is revealed, check it out below.


Where were you born & raised?

Born in Atlanta Georgia, North Carolina raised me

How was growing up, any interesting stories?

Growing up in North Carolina was okay I guess, I just always felt like I didn’t belong here. I was so different from the other kids.

How old are you?

21 years old.


Dropped out 2013, went back in 2014 and graduated with my diploma

Are your parents involved & supportive?

They don’t really understand me.

When did you notice you had an interest in fashion?

Middle school, I used to come to school dressed like I came out of a star trek video. Kanye and Pharell really inspired me.

What’s the first piece you designed?

The Death Kiss logo in regards to the brand but I’ve been designing since I was younger.


Your idols? Who do you admire in the fashion industry?

Shane Gonzales. I don’t even wanna say this nigga name cause it’s probably everybody’s idol, but I respect that man Ian Connor. Definitely been one of my idols since day 1. And Escobar Rich.

What does fashion & design mean to you?

Not to sound cliché or anything but if it wasn’t for fashion, I probably would’ve been in prison or somewhere.

What’s American Hardcore, how’d you come up with the name & what is the significance?

Nothing too deep. Just a reflection of the lifestyle. Hardcore, no boundaries, explicit, controversial, ghetto rock stars.

“Nation of Leaders Not Followers” what’s the significance of this statement?

Because that’s exactly what we are. I see people out here every day spending money to look like someone else,  that shit is so sad. Just be yourself, fuck what people say.


What’s the brand’s goal?

To support the youth and all underdogs, showing them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

How long has American Hardcore been in conception? How did it come to be?

Before American Hardcore there was Major Threat. American hardcore stands out and just stuck on me and I love it.

Where’s the collection based, & is there a team or one man show?

North Carolina, and it’s a movement definitely.

What’s the inspiration behind the Fuck 12 tee?

Well I been locked up twice and I just hate police. Fuck ’em.

What is your stance on the issue: unjust police brutality?

It’s fucked up, but fuck 12.

Have you had any experiences with unjust police treatment?

Yes I’m on probation as we speak.


It’s a powerful statement, how do you want consumers to receive the message?

The message is there. It’s explicit yeah, but its straight to the point. It’s fuck us, so fuck them. You see it in the news all the time and this is my way and anyone who buys a shirt way of voicing how we feel about them.

What do you think it will take before we see a difference in the law system?

It’s gonna get even worse. Police officers get away with murder and this has been going on for years.

What’s next for American Hardcore?

Everything! The store and American Hardcore skate team.

What other type of apparel can consumers expect from the brand?

A shoe collection on the way & a lot of other things. Don’t want to spoil it.

Are there in collaborations in site?

Be on the look out for me and George Oliver collaboration.

What’s the fall/winter looking like for AH?

Even more better then the summer line. I can’t wait for everyone to see that! Every drop will be worth the money that’s all I’m gonna say.

Any shout outs or acknowledgements?

I wanna thank my brother Allen Travian for believing in me and Physics from Atlanta for bringing my vision alive.

What bit of advice can you give to other creatives following their passion?

If you really want it go for it, don’t let other people stop you from doing what you love.