The youth are next up. That’s the basis of this website which you’re reading this on, people of all sizes, colors, sexual orientations are out there making it happen. Whether it’d be music, making the next big film, or writing articles telling you about the people you should all be paying attention. We are just the messengers and I wouldn’t be doing my job if you Internet citizens didn’t know about Ahustin Crawford.

(All the pictures in this post are from Ahustin himself)


Thanks for sitting down with me Ahustin! To start off, who exactly is Ahustin Crawford? What’s your origin story? – No problem Terrence! To begin I actually don’t know how to go about explaining who I am. I’m an anonymous creator and student just trying to better my life and my families at the same time. I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and my location is currently not available. Work wise I am very active in many different mediums and I feel that it not only helps me for long term progress, but it gives me a chance to have different work experiences that others may not have.

About the “going anonymous” route…why did you take going that route versus letting the Internet and Social Media at large know who you are? – I decided to make the decision to go anonymous because a frequent problem with social media today is “the big head”. I don’t want people to focus on how I look, I don’t want to focus on how I look. I want to focus on my work and my work only. There is too much extra going on in the social media community and quite frankly I’m tired of it.


Where did you get your start as far as getting projects going and finding your sense of….I want to try a little bit of everything? – Some of it is through people that I know and have worked with in the past. A lot of it is through older mentors that I have met and learned from over the years. They see that I have grown as a creative so I have had the chance to further myself with the current projects I’m working on independently and dependently. As for trying a bit of everything, I say why not? I’m only limiting myself if I decide not to.

What can you say about your earlier start as a creative? How’d you navigate that space as far as finding yourself? – I’d have to say High School was a very big part. I was forced to go to a catholic school that I was not interested in, long story short I found myself there. The friends that I have obtained in high school are one of a kind and we support each other, making sure each one is growing. College has also helped me find myself surprisingly, despite my current poor experience with it. I’d have to say that I’m definitely taking a Steve Jobs type approach to school though, I’m seeing the joy out of just living in the now and accepting the presence for what it is. While also being on my shit.


How many jars exactly does Ahustin Crawford have his hand in? What’s on your plate at this very moment? – At first I was working for magazines ( Bluntiq & Acure ), I didn’t really like where things were going with me and them, so I stepped away. I was also managing ICYTWAT for a while, great experience and a great artist but now he’s managed by Epic Records so now I am more so focusing on me and my aspirations. At this very moment I am working on design projects, as well as music which has been really cool. Nothing to specific of course 😉

folio-48 2

How are the Design Projects coming along? – My design projects are actually going amazing. For the most part I stopped doing “twitter design”. Its cool and all but that will die out I feel and that is because when it comes to long term work (in the next 5-10 years), agencies and companies want a really solid portfolio that not only looks well, but is presented well. I’m currently working on a mixture of assignments, allowing me to dive into industrial, clothing, and a bit of graphic design (still). I’m loving what I’m currently doing and I cant be anymore happy with my progress over the last year, and I’m working hard to gain more.

What’s the most fun about multitasking projects like you are? – I would have to say being able to have such a wide variety of projects & people to work with now, and in the future. Me personally I’m thinking years from now while also worrying about what I currently have on my plate, and that is because I want my work to be long lasting and ageless. Being able to integrate different principles and ideas into different works / projects is key when one is trying to be innovative. This is exactly my goal, and I want to leave people wanting more every time.


What does a person like yourself do to relax and unwind when you’re not creating the next big thing? – When I relax I usually spend time with family and very close friends, the ones from high school. Other than that Ill be in the house working on something that’s not too he tic and eating usually lol. As of late I really have not had a lot of relax time though, because I’m currently in college and its whooping my ass honestly.

What has balancing College and getting your name out there with your more creative side taught you thus far? – “Its not always about what you know, but who you know.” -Donald Glover

I really do believe in this quote, and I say this because I really did not enjoy college my first year. With that being said, i have no choice but to enjoy this semester and work hard. I must work hard in the classroom, while also networking creating opportunities for myself. Its actually very difficult, for me at least because I really do not like my surroundings. But I just need to work through that.


In the end game with your creating and designing, what’s the goal at the end of the day for you? – Be known as a game changer and innovator in more than one medium.

You can keep up with the many elusive thoughts of Mr. Crawford on his own website, his Twitter, and enjoy his venture into making mixes on his Soundcloud.