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New Music from Adot

Chicago going crazy man. Recently we’ve been keeping an eye on Chicago as it’s been a home for all different types of creatives from fashion to videography to music. Recently we’ve been keeping our eyes out on Chicago artists all shapes and sizes as some of our friends have been putting us onto that funk coming out of the city. One artists in particular is Adot, you may remember him from his double feature from us last year. Ever since that feature Adot has been on his A game, that’s not even a pun. Singles and visuals for  Today, along with this new Lil Jake exclusive (Bless Lil Jake) “FORGIATO ft. Freako“, we over at Senclaire present to you the official Adot interview. I got the chance to speak with Adot on a lot of different things as far as origins, music, and his home Chicago in general. You can read below as well as peep some previous singles he released this year and the last. We hope you enjoy this Senclaire x Lil Jake exclusive!

Who are you?

Adot himself

I’m Adot a young artist from the city of Chicago, born and raised.

How old are you?

21Savage haha.

What is it that you do?

I make currently only make music, but in the future I hope to be directing videos, making clothes, and damn near whatever I want.

So how long have you been making music?

For about 3 and a half years now, hahaha I learned how 3 and a half years ago so I haven’t been doing it for that long to be honest.

How did you originally get into rapping?

High school the people I was friends with, pretty much ace league were rapping and I tried it out and got hooked, weird ass decision because my life is so different from what it was.

How did you come to wanna continue rapping for these past years?

I’m not even sure to be honest, rapping is the most stressful but most rewarding thing in my life. I’ve met so many people and I’ve had some pretty fire experiences just through music. I get inspiration through seeing my peers go crazy and it just makes me want to keep going.

Do you have any major influences as far as grinding and making your music? Anyone you look up to or feel that their path to the top was a message for you?

Man you already know Tyler, the Creator and the whole OF movement was amazing to me, like they started out and nobody fucked with them I feel like I’m still at the point where I can’t tell if people really do or don’t. As far as grinding and making music I would have to say my friends and my mom influence me with most just because I want all of us to be in a better place.

When people ask me where a lot of hard working artists come from, one place I always say is Chicago. Would you agree?

Yeah, I would. The thing with Chicago is forreal if you can make it here you can make it anywhere, people here don’t like to help and support each other as much as it would seem. So you have to be tougher and smarter in terms of working hard.

Why do you think the support system for Chicago artists is so segregated?

I’m not even sure, everybody wants to make it and the amount of people who actually do are very slim so I’m guessing they just wanna make sure they are good. Me personally I don’t care, if I fuck with your art or you I’ll support.

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t have a sound to be honest. I create whatever i feel like at the time. I’ve done footworking beats, trap, vaporwave, lo-fi and regular hip-hop so I’m not even sure myself haha.

Where did you diverse taste in these different genres come from?

No clue to be honest, if i like it I’ll rap over it lol. I haven’t seen anybody else really switch up like that and I want my sound to constantly evolve so I just decided to always try something new.

Have you noticed your progression as an artists since you first started 3 years ago?

Hell yeah, I cannot fuck with any of my old music at all. It’s a lot easier for me to write a song now.

So where do you see yourself in the upcoming future? Is there any short-term/ long-term goals you would like to accomplish before the year is over?

Finally being recognized and working with my favorite artists. I see that this year to be honest. 2016 was my last year being broke. Right now my main focus is to get out of Chicago and be able to feed my mom and friends through my talents. I would love to make it to Pigeons and Planes + The Fader this year however.

Where did the name Adot come from?

Shit, Xbox360 & Gears of War 3 with my friends ahaha. They used to call me that cause it’s short for my real name Armani.

What made you stick with the name?

I just thought it was simple and to the point, I didn’t want a crazy name hahaha. This one sounded catchy.

So how often are you working on your music? Is this an everyday venture for you?

Yeah pretty much either I’m recording or just booling with my friends and I’ll listen to beats and try freestyling to them when I’m by myself.

Which do you like more? Writing or Freestyling?

writing definitely, I’m trying to get good enough to just eventually freestyle though.

So your most recent project with Ransah dropped not too long ago, where did the concept of that come from? 

Honestly it was pretty random, we were in LA staying with our homie and he had a studio in there. We recorded like 1 song and decided to keep making more.

[Link to “EIGHT” EP here, my g]

Should we expect more small projects like this in the future with other artists?

Maybe, I can say I’m doing one with Freako right now and it’s different from the trap music.

Is there anything else we should expect from you in the near future?

A short film, a lot of new music videos and music.

[Link to the preview for the “Run It” visual here, famo]

Is there anything you want to say to the fans that’ll read this?

This is the year!

For more news and music from Adot you already know you can follow him on his Soundcloud and Twitter. Be on the lookout for more music from Adot and a new visual for “Run It” SOON! We hope you’ve enjoyed this, expect more from the Chicago area real soon….