It also feels good to see old friends, especially you’re most talented ones! Last year we were introduced to the Chicago underdog, Adot for the first time; with every project, single, video, or sneak peek of new music, we’ve seen Adot escalate from your everyday rapper to the cryptic, sensational artist that he is today.

Yesterday, Adot diffused all tension and stress from his fans by releasing his highly anticipated video for his song “ROLLING.” This trippy, intergalactic mind warping visual was created by none other than Nick Visuals, another Chicago videographer changing the shape and structure in the music video scene right now. With its tantalizing color and motion you can’t help but sit back and watch this video several times over, its honestly a masterpiece.

*Stream video for “ROLLING”*

“I just want to say thank you to everyone that continues to support me, and to everyone that hates i would like to say thank you as well because you all motivate me to get better at what I do. To those with small fan bases, keep striving and don’t give up at all.” – Adot

You can watch this video back to back via the ELEVATOR YouTube page. Be sure to follow Adot on Soundcloud and Twitter in order to keep up to date with more news on music future visuals, and possible projects. Also don’t forget to check out Nick Visuals on his Twitter page to keep up with video releases for other artists. We hope you enjoy!