Since October 2014, Senclaire has kept the same mission & motto, “Admiring Creatives.” It’s simple. We set out to highlight independent creatives with good interviews & it’s been the best pleasure connecting with artists from all walks of life & every part of the globe. We’re able to keep our sleek design & focus on the content of the artist because we don’t advertise. We never will. At Senclaire, we believe it’s important to allow an artist undivided attention. We’re aware of the benefits of ad placements & still disprove of them. Still, in an effort to raise money for the production & maintenance¬†of Senclaire we’ve decided to open donations. Donations will cover charges such as writer fees, site upkeep, online events, merchandise & much more. It is with great honor & gratefulness that we humbly accept your contribution. Thank you.


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