Tre’von Ware has made a name for himself by using photography to highlight the talent & beauty of Pensacola. 318 Photo, a brand inspired by his three grandmothers, is the effort and realization of a dream with an origin from Minneapolis, Minnesota as early as 2011. Tre’von has creatively developed a total of three professional portfolios via 318 Photo, capturing sports, portraits, weddings & more. His skill in photography has been met with many opportunities including a sports photography position with ESPN Pensacola. He has worked closely with the athletics department at the University of West Florida as their go-to camera man. His love for capturing sports and excitement is not outweighed by his passion for orchestrating a photo-shoot and picturing the beautiful essence of a model. Tre’von’s catalog is exciting, pure, real & passionate.


What were your aspirations as a child? All of my life I wanted to have the power to create. I didn’t know what it was but I just knew eventually I will grow and understand what my passion would be. For many years I wanted to join a band and play the saxophone and keyboard as my grandfather did. I received my first saxophone when I was in the 3rd grade and I even took a class. But after a few classes at that young of an age, I got frustrated with the process and I put my saxophone to the side for many years.

When did photography come into the picture? In 2011, I took a photography class in HS and I struggled with the basics. Then, eventually, I figured out what ISO, f/stops and shutter speed etc was. When I graduated high-school my aunt bought me a “one shoot” camera that was very simple and self-explanatory. Played around with that and my shots came out really clean and nice.

Did you ever think you’d become this involved with photography? Yes, after I began shooting, I knew for a fact that I would continue to grow and improve and I’ve done just that over the past few years. My plans for the future are even better than what I have on my plate now.

“There’s just so much more in Florida with the beaches, beautiful weather and opportunities.”

When did you begin to become recognized as a photographer? Can you recall your first shoot? At the early ages of my photography, I started off with the name of “Tre’von Ware Photography” and invested in a website and business cards and that’s when my name got out there. But at the time, I was in Wahpeton, North Dakota wrapping up my associates degrees so my clientele was really small. My first photo shoot was with two of my brothers for fun and that’s when I first discovered that I love photographing people and doing portraits.

From North Dakota to Florida? How did that change affect your photography journey? Yes. Huge change. North Dakota isn’t a bad place, but there’s just so much more in Florida with the beaches, beautiful weather and opportunities. Just last year I got the opportunity to work with ESPN Pensacola, and that had boosted my photography extremely.

How did the ESPN connect come about? Last spring they were at the University of West Florida spring football game were I was taking pictures for the athletics department at UWF. I noticed that ESPN was there and I went up to them introduced myself, later that night I sent over my best sports job and they offered me a photography position a week later

Which shoots are more fun for you, sports or portraits? I love them both. Sports is more exciting because there’s so much going on and I love sports in general but I have a great time directing a portrait shoot with models as well.

“I plan to move to New York next fall to explore that beautiful city and to continue capturing the moment.”

What’s the most difficult aspect of photography for you? What area do you excel in? The most difficult would be sports for sure. You have to find the shot angle and capture it when the athletes are running at full speed. I excel with my sharpness in my photography. My shots have very little editing and there clean, pure and raw.

How did you begin 318 Photo, what’s the meaning behind it & where do you plan to take it? Three – One – Eight was inspired by three beautiful women. Judith Mackey, Percival Montjoy and Hattie B. Ware. Those three godly women happen to be my grandmothers. Judith was born in 193(3), Percival was born in 193(1) and Hattie was born in 194(8). And that is how I created my wonderful brand. I plan to move to New York next fall to explore that beautiful city and to continue capturing the moment.

Which artist, model or athlete is at the top of your photo shoot list? Great question. I have many on my list. I would love to go on tour with Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Solange, SZA etc and work as the personal photographers. Model wise there’s many amazing models that’d I love to work with. Such as Charlotte McKee, Kendell Jenner, Vashtie and many more.

How do you come up with concepts for photo shoots, where do you draw inspiration? Usually, I find inspiration from music and Instagram on what other models and photographers have done and then I add my own twist too it.

What’s your most recent favorite photo shoot? The beginning of my third portfolio with young model named Kimberly was probably my favorite. It was free, raw and sexy.

What are your plans this year? Any collaborations? I’m continuing my third portfolio that I’ve been working on for a few months. In regards to sports, I’ll be working many high-school events with ESPN and I am also the only hired/published photographer for UWF Athletics, so I’ll be pretty busy with that.

Would you say photography has opened a lot of doors for you? How has the reception & support been so far? Oh absolutely. Photography is opening many doors and I am glad that my talent is being noticed. I just have to keep going and creating. The support is remarkable, I have many supports in Pensacola and many up north in Minneapolis.

What advice can you give to an aspiring photographer or someone just starting out? Keep shooting and save up because photography is really expensive. Don’t get caught up in the most up to date camera, master your camera, invest and by all means shoot.

author: jay69